Syllabus for Passenger Vessel Course

Syllabus -New Boatmaster Tier 2

Section 1

1. Bridge watchkeeping

2. Meteorology

3. Ship manoeuvring

4. Vessel handling in extreme weather

5. Mooring and unmooring a vessel

6. Ropework, access and lifting gear

7. Ship knowledge and publications

8. Basic engineering knowledge and machinery

9. Health and safety

10. Emergency action

11. Pollution prevention and handling and waste management

Section 2

1. Generic chartwork, navigation and position fixing

2. Locks and bridges

Please note: Below is an extract from MSN 1808 which refers to Tier 2 Licence, from this you will see that there is no set syllabus a Tier 2 Licence. Training is therefore tailored to the candidates area & type of operation, but based on the Tier 1 syllabus above.

23 Sufficient Service

23.1     There are no set qualifying service periods for the Tier 2 BML. Instead, a candidate must demonstrate that he/she has sufficient experience to be proficient in handling the vessel, and has adequate knowledge of navigation matters, local rules and any necessary, related skills. Examples of these are: methods of controlling and directing passengers (for a passenger operator); or the loading of cargo with regard to stability (for a freight operator).

23.2     In practice, this means that an employed candidate will have to satisfy firstly his employer that he/she should enter for the Tier 2 BML, and then the MCA examiner that he/she has sufficient knowledge and practical skills to gain the licence for operating the vessel in the area for the type of operation concerned.