Training for MCA Boatmaster Licence and workboat skippers

Four Seasons

The Boatmaster Centre offers training for MCA Boatmaster Licence and workboat skippers operating on Category A, B and non-linked C waters.

The training we provide include a Passenger Vessel Course and the associated Ancillary Safety Training for skippers of passenger vessels carrying more than 12 passengers.

Each course is introduced below. To learn more about them, including syllabus details, click the appropriate "Read More" button.

Passenger Vessel Course

Boatmaster Tier 2 Licence

The New Boatmaster Tier 2 Licence is a professional qualification and, in order to reach the required level of competence in boatmanship, previous experience of vessels and area similar to that of the operation is essential and this should be demonstrated by the completion of the MCA Task Record Book and Work Record before attending this course. The Boatmaster Centre will give tuition to candidates on the subjects contained in the MCA syllabus that are relevant to their operation; assistance with completion of the candidate’s Task Record Book is also available. Each candidate will receive a personal manual containing support documents and guidance notes to prepare them for the oral examination. Practical training will also take place to ensure that candidates have the required level of boatmanship skills to control a passenger vessel, with particular attention being paid to the comfort and safety of the passengers and crew on board. The Boatmaster Centre is approved by the MCA to deliver Personal Survival & Water Safety and Fire Safety training.

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Ancillary Safety Course

Personal Survival & Water Safety and Fire Safety for Boatmasters

Fire Safety Training

To meet the requirements of the new Boatmaster Tier 2 Licence, candidates must undergo training in three disciplines:

  • Personal Survival and Water Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • First Aid

The Boatmaster Centre is authorised by the MCA to deliver Personal Survival & Water Safety and Fire Safety for Boatmasters operating on Category A, B and non-linked C waters. Approved First Aid training can be arranged with other providers if required.

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