Marine (M) Notices

M Notices relevent to Boatmasters and Professional Skippers

M Notices publicise to the shipping and fishing industries important safety, pollution prevention; and other relevant information. • Merchant Shipping Notices (MSNs) often contain the fine detail of UK law and are legally enforceable when referred to by a Statutory Instrument. • Marine Guidance Notes (MGNs) give guidance and strong recommendations about best practice to industry on interpretation of law and general safety advice. • Marine Information Notes (MINs) provide less important time limited information and changes of address after which they expire.

Useful links and documents:

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Aquatec Website (First Aid)

pdf downloadDownload MSN 1808 (M) Boatmaster Qualifications
pdf downloadDownload MSF 4366 BML Work Record
pdf downloadDownload MSF 4367 (M) Task Record Book
pdf downloadDownload MSF 4112 (M) Medical Form ML5
pdf downloadDownload ML5 Declaration (To be used in conjunction with Medical Form ML5)
pdf downloadDownload MSN 1776 (M) Categorisation of Waters
pdf downloadDownload Small Passenger Vessel Code